The In-Motion Chiropractic Team

Dr David Froyland - Chiropractor

Dr Sarah Hatherly - Chiropractor

  Passionate about making a difference in her clients lives by helping them to 

  reach their full health potential through the power of chiropractic.     

Dr Sarah is originally from Mississauga, Ontario Canada, a city part of the Greater Toronto Area. 
She completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at McMaster University followed by her Doctorate of  
Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  Through university Dr Sarah was 
the team therapist for the Varsity women's soccer team and a local ice hockey team providing 
stretching and rehabilitation pre and post games.  She was also a member of the university 
emergency first  response team, providing 24 hour service to the faculty and students on campus.
While at Chiropractic College, Dr Sarah was actively involved in several student organisations and 
was elected President of the Student Canadian Chiropractic Association in her final year as well as 
President of the World Congress of  Chiropractic Students chapter at CMCC. Dr Sarah was elected 
to be the Regional representative of North America East for 2 years and represented her college 
at the annual international conferences in South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand and USA.
Dr Sarah has been a member of the chiropractic team at In-Motion Chiropractic since January 2011. She loves helping her clients achieve their full  
health potential and educating them on health and well-being.  Dr Sarah is also a qualified life coach and uses these skills to assist her clients to 
commit to and achieve their health goals.  She believes that everyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care. She has a special interest in 
chiropractic for  families and kids and is a 'Well Kids Chiropractor' and has undertaken further study for this population.   
Dr Sarah knows that we all have the innate potential inside of us to heal and be healthy. By recognising and reducing our physical, chemical and 
emotional/mental stresses we allow our body to function optimally.
To keep active and healthy Dr Sarah enjoys training regularly at the gym, swimming, cycling, running and yoga.  She maintains a well balanced and 
healthy diet and takes time to relax and recharge through reading inspirational books and meditating.  Dr Sarah is committed to lifelong learning and regularly attends professional education seminars to ensure she is always providing the most up to date information and best quality care for her clients.  She gets adjusted weekly to ensure her nervous system is functioning optimally and to be the best version possible. 

For your appointment with Dr Sarah, or to ask her a question, please call 07 49513888.

Libby Froyland - Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Therapist

Teresa Abela - Massage Therapist 

Daniel Johansson - Massage Therapist

Lesley Jamieson - Chiropractic Assistant

Brett Statton - Chiropractic Assistant / Chiropractic Student

Kirsty Joyce - Chiropractic Assistant / Chiropractic Student

Kellen Jenner - Chiropractic Assistant / Chiropractic Student

Glenda Froyland - Practice Manager

Libby Froyland - Physiotherapist 

Libby Froyland - Physiotherapist 

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